About the PSA

The Polish Studies Association (PSA) is an organization of scholars, publishers, librarians, archivists, and journalists who specialize in the history, culture, art, politics, economics, and society of Poland. We sponsor an on-line discussion forum (H-Poland), an article prize, a book prize, a travel subvention for young Polish academics, and more. Please explore this site for a directory of our members, information about our activities, and a collection of useful links about Poland. Above all, please join us by clicking on the tab above!


  • Agnieszka Pasieka, Institute for East European History, University of Vienna (aga.pasieka@icloud.com)

Board Members:

  • Brian Porter-Szűcs, Professor of History, University of Michigan 
  • Piotr Kosicki, Department of History, University of Maryland
  • Kathryn Ciancia, Department of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Beth Holmgren, Department of Slavic, Duke University

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