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NAME Area(s) of Specialization
Adler, Eliyana Jewish Studies
Alvis, Robert  History
Anessi, Thomas Language & Culture
Baranowska-Rataj, Anna Sociology, School-To-Work Transition, Family Formation, Family Structure, Well-Being
Beyer, Gerald Religion, Christian Ethics, Social Ethics & Economic Ethics
Bjork, James History, Borderlands, Nationalism, Religion
Blusiewicz, Tomasz Post-WWII European Economic History
Bohlman, Andrea Musicology
Borowski, Lech Physics
Botterill, Katherine Geography, Migration
Boysen, Jens History of Ideas, Nationalism Studies, History of Civilian-Military Relations
Brzechczyn, Krzysztof  Philosophy
Buszek, Matthew Religion and Theology in the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth
Bylander, Cindy Music History
Carey, Henry Frank Political Science
Castle, Rory History, 19th & 20th Century Polish & Polish-Jewish History & Identity 
Chivens, Thomas  Anthropology
Chu, Winson History
Ciancia, Kathryn History
Cichopek-Gajraj, Anna Modern Polish-Jewish history, Postwar Ethnic Violence
Cioffi, Kathleen Theater & Performance Studies
Connelly, John History
Dabrowski, Patrice History
Drozdzewski, Danielle Cultural Memory, Polish Identity, & Polish Diaspora
Drummond, Elizabeth Polish-German Borderlands
Dylag, Xenia Language & Culture
Fijałkowski, Agata International Law, Human Rights 
Filipowicz, Halina  Literary and Cultural Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, Theater and Drama
Fontana, Erica  Cultural Anthropology, Museum Studies, Identity and Subjectivity in Computer-Based Media
Frajlich-Zając, Anna Language & Culture
Fredericks, Vanessa Language & Culture
Furr, Grover  USSR During Stalin Era.
Garliński, Jarosław  Translation
Gasienica-Byrcyn, Anna Language, Literature, & Culture
Gorynia, Marian Economics
Grelka, Frank History
Gromada, Ted History
Grudzinska-Gross, Irena Language & Culture
Grzymała-Kazłowska, Aleksandra Sociology, Migration, Diversity
Guzowski, Piotr History, Medieval
Hagen , William History
Harwood, William International Relations
Herlth, Jens  Language & Culture
Hicks, Barbara Political Science; Post-Communist Social Movements & Democratization
Holc, Janine Political Science
Holmgren, Beth Women’s Studies, Performing Arts Studies, Culture & The Market, Cross-Cultural Representations
Huener, Jonathan History
Hunter, Richard Law & Economics
Hutchens, Jack Language & Culture
Ingbrant, Renata Language & Culture
Jajeśniak-Quast, Dagmara History, Economic and Social
Jakelski, Lisa Musicology
Jasiewicz, Krzysztof Sociology, Elections, Post-Communism
Johnson, David Scott German-Polish Borderlands
Kauffman, Jesse History
Keck-Szajbel, Mark History
Kenison, Christine Language & Culture
Kenney, Padraic History
Knoll, Paul History
Kociańska, Agnieszka Gender Studies, History of Sexuality, Religion, Ethnography, Cultural Anthropology
Koloski, Laurie History
Konieczny, Matthew History
Koropeckyj, Roman Polish, Ukrainian, & Russian Literature 
Korycki, Kate Political Science
Kosicki, Piotr History, Catholicism
Kosmala, Kinga  Language & Culture
Kot, Joanna Polish & Russian Modernist Drama, Women/Gender Studies, Polish Modernist Drama & Theater.
Kozlowska, Magdalena
Krzyżowski, Łukasz Ethnic Studies, Transnational Migration, Intergenerational Relationships
Kubow, Magdalena History, Holocaust Studies
Kulczycki, John  Polish-German History, Nationalism
Kunakhovich, Kyrill Art & Politics In Communist Poland
Kunicki, Mikołaj History, Nationalism, Communism, Cinema
Labov, Jessie Language & Culture
Lehrer, Erica Anthropology
Levine, Madeline Language & Culture
Linkiewicz, Ola History
Lubamersky, Lynn  History, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, 18th Century, Women’s History 
Lubecki, Jacek Political Science 
Magee, Siobhan Anthropology
Magowska, Anita History of Medicine
Manetti, Christina Language & Culture
Mannert, Pascale History
Martin, Sean History
Marzec, Wiktor Political Philosophy, Cultural Sociology, History of Ideas
Matro, Katharina History
May-Chu, Karolina Language & Literature; German-Polish Borderlands
Mazurek, Małgorzata History
Mazurkiewicz, Anna History
Meng, Michael  History
Milliman, Paul  History
Mizia, Małgorzata Art, Architecture 
Mrugalski, Michał Language & Culture
Muller, Anna History
Musekamp, Jan History
Nizynska, Joanna Language & Culture, Trauma & Post-Memory in Post-Communist Countries; “Glocalization” of Western Theory In Eastern Europe, Gender & Queer Studies
Nowakowska, Natalia  History, Late-Medieval & Early Modern
Nowicka-McLees, Bożena  Language & Culture
Paczkowski, Andrzej History of Communist Poland, Intelligence Services, Post-War Retribution
Pasieka, Agnieszka Anthropology
Phillips, Ursula  Language & Culture 
Plach, Eva History, Interwar
Pleskot, Patryk History
Plomien, Anna Gender, Labor Market, Welfare State, Care Economy, EU
Polonsky, Anthony  Polish-Jewish History
Porter-Szűcs, Brian History; Nationalism, Roman Catholicism, Economics of Socialism
Pratt, Daniel History, Intellectual
Radło, Mariusz-Jan Economics
Robbins-Ruszkowski, Jessica  Anthropology
Romańska, Magda Polish & Eastern & Central European Theatre, Dramatic & Performance Theory
Rossmiller, Elizabeth International Relations
Rylko-Bauer, Barbara Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Political Violence, Holocaust
Schwonek, Matthew  History
Seidel, Jordan  Philosophy, Academic Writing
Shapiro, Eleanor Modern Polish-Jewish History, Jewish Music, Jewish Cultural Initiatives in Small Towns.
Shields, Stuart Political Economy
Shore, Marci  History
Solarz, Marcin Geography
Solecki, William Geography
Steffen, Katrin History, Germans and Jews in Poland
Stola, Dariusz History
Swan, Oscar Language & Culture
Szajbel-Keck, Małgorzata Linguistics
Szczech-Pietkiewicz, Ewelina Marketing, Management, Business Studies, Urban Studies
Szumski, Jakub History
Taras, Raymond Political Science, Migration, Multiculturalism & Xenophobia
Tegnazian, Terry Publishing
Teter, Magda History
Ther, Philipp Economic History
Thum, Gregor History, Polish-German Relations, Borderlands, Empire 
Tokarska-Bakir, Joanna Social & Historical Anthropology, Oral History, Blood Libel, Anti-Jewish Pogroms in Eastern Europe
Tornquist-Plewea, Barbara Collective Memory and Identity
Traupe, Dorothea Political Science, Polish-German Relations, Politics and Language
Van Heuckelom, Kris Language & Culture
Van Zee, Ben History
Wampuszyc, Ewa Language & Culture
Weeks, Ted History
Weismann, Stephanie  Urban History, Sensory History, Polish-Jewish relations
White, Anne Sociology, Anthropology, Migration Studies
Wilczewski, Michał History
Wodziński, Marcin History
Wróbel-Best, Jolanta Language & Culture
Zarrow, Sarah  History, Interwar, Jewish
Zubrzycki, Genevieve Sociology
Żychlińska, Monika Cultural Anthropology and Museum Studies
Zysiak, Agata Sociology, Memory Studies, Urban History

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